Meet Your Team

Joe Reynolds

I have had a lifelong passion for the Martial Arts, associating with legends such as Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Sugar Ray Leonord. That created an awareness and appreciation of having good health!

My wife of 35 years and mother of 5 children experienced a Full Body Transformation! She lost 30 lbs. and 10% body fat. She became stronger, fitter and healthier, which left her with much more energy and self confidence!

Over seven years ago, we opened our first Full Body Transformation for Women franchise. We have personally helped hundreds of women become stronger, fitter, healthier and learning to live healthy lifestyles.

Together we share a passion in helping Women Discover their Body for Life !!!

Maria McManus

I have been active most of my life.  I have a passion and care about people and want to see them lead healthy lifestyles.  Both of these  attributes led me to become a personal trainer.  I feel that I can relate to what many clients go through when battling weight loss. When I first joined this industry I lost 30 lbs. and I learned to lead a healthy lifestyle that I could maintain. With good healthy nutrition, strength conditioning, cardiovascular, and the right mind set we can accomplish a lot!!

Skyla Gorman

I grew up with a love for playing basketball. After graduation from high school I decided to stop playing competitively. Soon after, my passion for exercise altered from basketball to Strength and Functional Training while studying exercise science at Manchester Community College.

Currently I'm a certified Personal Trainer through ACE. I have my associates in Exercise Science, and I'm graduating this spring with my B.S. in Health Education & Promotion from Plymouth State University.

My mission in life is to assist others in living Healthy and Happy lives, while continuously achieving their long-term lifestyle goals. I'm excited and dedicated to start my journey here at Simply Fit to be able to help women in being healthy, motivated, and smiling.

Jess Haas

I want to change the world one fitness goal at a time! Fitness became a part of my life at a very young age. I used to watch my mother doing her step aerobics in our living room and dream of becoming the next Jane Fonda or Denise Austin.

Empowering women, and helping them discover how to be their very best self has always been rewarding to me.

Working out not only includes the physical benefits, but also boosts self esteem, and improves function for daily life activities. It also includes mental health benefits like helping relieve stress, boost immunity and overall mood. Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to having a happy, independent life!

Crystal Demers

My passion in life is to help others reach there goals and desires the way health and fitness helped me achieve mine.

Once being 220 lbs., and losing over 70 lbs., I understand the journey and how hard it can be. However, on the flip side, how amazingly rewarding it can be. Hard work truly pays off and I am a firm believer and witness of this. Once seeing the amazing things this life style change has brought to me, I decided to move forth and help others in the same way. It is truly an amazing to watch others succeed in there own desires the way I did through fitness. This is when I decided to pursue my career as a health and wellness coach.

Currently am certified Personal trainer as well as Corrective Exercise specialist through NASM with several years experience behind me. I also am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and also in the process of obtaining my nutrition specialist certificate. I also have a dying passion for MMA, particularly in kick boxing. I look forward to the many years I intend on spending in this industry and helping people reach their desires, day by day and be the very best they can be, regardless of circumstances.

I’m excited to be a part of the Simply fit 4 Women Body for Life Transformation Team and look forward

to working with all of the Ladies!!

Sue Lambert

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to be a part of the Simply Fit Body for Life Transformation Team! As I look forward to getting to know each of you, let me share a little of my story of my journey to this point. A few years ago, my life became transformed because of a group of trainers that not only believed in me,  but brought something out within me that I never knew I had. A passion, a drive, a love for fitness so much so that I decided to pursue as a career.  From 20 years of retail customer service  to becoming a certified personal trainer for almost two years! I recently became certified thru AEA in aquatics as well! To date, I have lost over 40 pounds, crazy inches and body fat percentage, but most importantly feel so much healthier day to day.  And I am still NOT DONE! I am a firm believer in that the smallest of steps can lead to Big results. Celebrate every milestone, this stuff is not easy and you deserve to own these moments along your way!

I look forward to continue to strive and push thru the barriers to reach my goals.

I am motivated and inspired as I work with every person on their fitness and health journeys. I cannot wait to hear about all of YOUR amazing stories! I enjoy every minute I can get hanging out with my husband and daughter, whether watching her favorite show, or going somewhere fun! Thank you again so much for welcoming me into your lives, I felt the energy the moment I walked thru the

studio door, and cannot wait to see what we are going to accomplish together! 

Mind over matter, we’ve got this!

Simply Fit 4 Women

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