Our Vision

At Simply fit, our vision is to offer a comfortable, friendly, warm and supportive environment where women can feel totally at ease while transforming their health and wellness goals.

Our Transformation programs are custom built to fit the personal health and fitness goals of each one of our clients. We are not “cookie cutters”.  From a therapeutic level to the competitive athlete, we offer customized program packages for all.

Our Simply fit 4 Women Body for Life Transformation Program is a Heart -Rate-Monitored Small Group Interval Fitness training concept designed to stimulate metabolism, increase energy, provide group support and accountability. Our Small Group Personalized Result based training program offers the unique combination of Strength Conditioning, Interval Cardiovascular Training, Supportive Nutrition and  Mind Conditioning (Healthy Lifestyle Living) designed to create lasting results.  Our 60 minute training sessions are performed by certified personal trainers and are personalized to match the fitness level of each member.

The media has over emphasized the word “Weight.” Our focus is on building a stronger, toner, healthier, fitter you. Changing Body composition, lowering body fat and increasing lean body mass, you will discover more energy and “zest” for life while seeing your body reshape. Reduce obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, back problems and stress while improving bone density and core strength.

Simply fit is the real deal with results driven programs. From scheduled appointments to create accountability, designed personal workout plans that progress as you come closer to your goals and a supportive nutrition program that is kept simple using everyday foods and smart choices. An intake journal will be provided and reviewed during weekly body composition checks to monitor trends.

Life can throw its curve balls, we've all been there. Sometimes we just need to draw that line in the sand and say that’s enough, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The price of good health is a bargain! 

Our Members reap the Life Long benefits of increased energy, balance and core strength. Both Visible and Lasting Body Reshaping and Toning. Improved stress management, and sleep.

Create and maintain a New Healthy Lifestyle that rewards a Body for Life!!!

Weight Loss for Women
Specializing in Affordable Personalized Result Based Training

"Simply Fit has been a wonderful experience for me. I signed up because I wanted to tone and increase my cardio endurance. Mission accomplished and I feel great! The staff is wonderful, are always pleasant and they really care about all of their clients as individuals. I am vegan and was immensely pleased when they added vegan protein powder so that I could also enjoy a protein shake after the workout along with non-vegans.​

If you are serious about losing weight, toning, getting healthy, and feeling better inside and out, then Simply Fit will help you get there guaranteed!"

- Kristina S.

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