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Joan Westcott: Lost 14.6 lbs, 3% Body Fat, 10 Inches. 135 Days!
Weight Loss for Women

Snapshot: Joan is a wife and mother of 2, with 4 grand children. She is also a controller at engineering company. In her spare time she enjoys quilting and keeping fit. At the age of 55 she realizes that it’s never to late to take care of yourself.


Joan started with the custom fit package on her mission to continue on a path seeking weight loss and over all fitness that she had already began.

Accomplishments: Joan now reports that her health is better than it has been in 10 years!! She has so much more energy. She’s able to finally keep up with her husband on their walks after 37 years of marriage!  Joan is no longer climbing the stairs she’s running up them!! and still has her breath when she reaches the top. Joan is eating better and is more comfortable reading food labels and enjoys clothes shopping.

Ann McClellan: Lost 11.6 lbs, 8.75 Inches. 60 Days!
Weight Loss for Women

Snapshot: 65, retired teacher, mother of 4, grandmother of 2

Ann started with the custom fit package to start a more active lifestyle and improve her overall health so she could keep up with her young grandchildren.

Accomplishments: Ann feels better physically and mentally. She’s eliminated her pre-diabetes medication and reports every day activities are easier to do and less painful.


Cheryl Hawksley: Lost 13.8 lbs, 4% Body Fat!
Weight Loss for Women

Snapshot: Age 42, Nurse and mother of 2

Cheryl started with the custom fit package to get healthy and back in shape

Accomplishments: Cheryl is finding motivation to continue on her journey from the way she feels when she works out and eats healthy.


Paulette Hicks: Lost 28.8 lbs, 4.1% Body Fat, 5.75 Inches!
Weight Loss for Women

Snapshot: Age 34, Tele-Tech @ Parkland Medical Center, Mother of one

Paulette started with the custom fit package looking to feel healthier, gain more energy and hoping to get off blood pressure medicine.

Accomplishments: Paulette is now reporting having that extra energy she was seeking. She is also able to make healthier food choices and has incorporated working out into her everyday routine.